nectarines ([personal profile] nectarines) wrote2013-11-06 12:17 am
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Onwards and Upwards

I wasn't very productive in the please-give-me-a-job department today, but I did spend the first half of the day being a Domestic Goddess (*coughs*) and baking. The fact that the things that I baked didn't turn out quite like I hoped is beside the point. So there. Ahem.
I made scones and brioches, and although not everything went to plan they still taste good so that's good at least.

Afterwards I went for a very short walk in one of my two pairs of high heels (must really get used to walking in heels...), and it was just as well that it turned out short because my feet were killing me in the end.

I've been thinking of maybe watching some Doctor Who, but I think I'm just gonna go to bed and listen to podfics until I fall asleep. Am listening to a rather amusing Sherlock/John one at the moment.